Professional Fees

We do not currently offer short plats, topos, condominium surveys, or subdivisions.
Our specialty is boundary surveys aka Records Of Survey (ROS).

A Record Of Survey is a two-dimensional map that shows your property deed boundaries in relation to how the site is occupied -- house footprint, fences, paved or graveled driveways, concrete surfaces, etc. It is a snapshot of the deed and occupation at a point in time.

People often need a Record Of Survey to build a fence, get permits, or make peace with a neighbor

We charge a lump sum Professional Fee for each project.

Owner Occupant (up to an acre)..................................... $ 1200.

I do not do lot line adjustments unless they arise as a consequence of a boundary survey.
If you already know you need a lot line adjustment, I am probably not interested.

A survey usually takes about six weeks from the first site visit to the map delivery.
We record all boundary surveys within 90 days of staking per state statute.

It costs money to survey. The mileage, the labor, the measuring equipment, the records research, the drafting and legal descriptions, the printing, the recording fees, license fees, etc.

At the end of the day, it's not the physical work performance, not the hours of records research, calculations, and drawings that the client pays for, it is the liability the surveyor is taking on by doing the survey.

This is a selection from Dan Beardslee's A Management Handbook For Land Surveyors:

" ... [N]o one wants to hire a surveyor, just like no one wants to hire a dentist or a lawyer - we’re just a necessary evil. In property boundary surveying we are nothing more than an insurer. We are paid to accept liability, and nothing more. If folks knew where their property boundaries were, they could set monuments themselves. We are, in fact, a single premium, lifetime (of the surveyor), unlimited liability insurer."