Who We Are

Currently "we" means myself and my dog. I am the guy with the license, I do the research, the field work, and the drafting.

Many years ago I was part of the spectacle known as the "dot com" era, during which I worked as a sysadmin, as a tech support manager, and participated in a few live and breathe it 24/7 Linux startups. When the dot com era inflated salaries and desert mirage stock options vanished, I went to school at Renton Technical College with the intent of becoming a licensed surveyor. I completed my AAS in Survey Engineering there in 2008, was granted a Land Surveyor In Training certificate in 2011, and was granted a Washington PLS license in 2014. In Fall 2019 I began teaching as an adjunct instructor at Renton Tech and will continue to teach this upcoming Winter quarter 2021.

Teddy Bear manages all digging, sniffing & supervising while on site.

Because we spend most of our time traversing the terrain please email me your address and phone number along with your survey request or questions to retracement1@gmail.com and I will call you when I can give you my full attention.