We are Land Surveyors in Kent, Washington.

As of 5/7/2021 the prices are SLIDING SCALE:
$1,834.41 for residential properties assessed higher than $700,000 ( the current King County Washington median price)
$1,200.00 for residential properties assessed lower than $700,000.
$839.25 for seniors or people of limited income.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: I take Zelle, Certified Checks, or CASH.

A RECORD OF SURVEY document, of a field survey made by me or under my direct supervision, corners staked and map recorded within 90 days of staking; includes $187.50 recording fee every time. It's a very rare survey that does not require recording.

It's a nice 18"x24" map, made according to current state statute.
Lately I have been making a two page survey, one to show the survey monuments and one to show a house detail.

I am based in the Midway neighborhood of Kent / Des Moines, and generally take projects that are south of I-90 and north of the Pierce County / King County line.
I am a one-man-shop professional licensed surveyor.
I only do boundary surveys, aka Records Of Survey, staked and recorded, preferably for homeowners and landowners.
That means you own the house and you live in it, or hope to build your forever home.
I do not currently take on LLAs, short plats, topos, condominiums.
I am a "kitchen table surveyor." I work from home and do not maintain a commercial office.
I am a "chess by mail" surveyor. I do not do anything fast.